TQMS is an Independent Quality Inspection & Factory Compliance Audit Services

For Textiles and Consumer goods.

About Us and Our Capabilities

TQMS is an independent Quality Inspection & Factory Compliance Audit Services Company for Textiles and Consumer goods. Registered in the United Kingdom, we provide our services across key manufacturing locations, including but not limited to:

Our Quality Policy

TQMS is committed to provide a completely impartial, unbiased and independent Quality Inspection, Audit and Assessment services to its customers. We promote the quality culture in the entire supply chain and help manufacturers on a continuous and sustainable methods of quality improvement.  We hire and groom the best talent in the industry and practice the highest ethical standards in dealing with our customers, suppliers, stakeholders and employees.

Our Mission

We approach our work as our customer’s eyes and ears at the sourcing destination. Besides capturing the visible facts, our attempt is to unearth potential risks and alert in time. We don’t just carry out audits and inspections but also train to implement prevention and effectuate appropriate solutions.

When Do You Need TQMS?

  • When you want to make sure that a factory is technically and in terms of resources capable enough to execute your order.
  • When you need to be confident that a factory conforms to the compliance requirements of your licensor / customer.
  • When you don’t just want to assume that your supplier will ship the goods as per agreed date lines and want to verify them in between or periodically.
  • When you negotiate the price hard and hate to be surprised by receiving a lower quality shipment

Our Customers

We have a wide customer base that uses our services in order to use their time on wider organizational initiatives while TQMS focuses on ensuring the quality parameters set out are adhered to, these include:









Inspection Services

Audit Services

Technical, Quality, and Production Capability Audit

It gives you the insight whether the factory is technically capable, has the required quality systems in place and has the production capability/capacity required (normally before placing the order)

Factory Compliance Audit (Social, Ethical, Safety & Environment)

Our Factory Compliance Audit (with detailed reporting) is to thoroughly evaluate the factory according to your own or your customer’s / brand’s factory compliance protocols.

Factory Security Audit (C-TPAT)

Auditing factory as per ‘US Customs and Border Protection’ guidelines to check factory preparedness for Cargo and Container security & stop shipping non-manifested materials.

Value Added Services

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